Milk Mama Goat Farm

Alameda, CA

   Oct 03

Lambtown Lamb Festival

This weekend I will be attending the Dixon Lamb Festival. I cant wait to meet other sheep enthusiasts. I’ve been slowly working away on spinning all my wool but it is a long process that would be way more fun with other fiber folk. I hope to meet some other people with cool breeds of sheep that want to get together and have fun wool parties. Hooray for sheep!

   Oct 02

Teach a Girl to Sew

I’ve been wanting to improve my sewing skills for a long time now. And last night I finally got a formal lesson and made a bag. Not only am I more confident in using my machine, my machine also was fixed! It had started sewing backwards one day and all it took was someone else with confidence to mess around with it for one minute to make it start sewing in the right direction again. What a night. I’m so excited to start working on all the projects I’ve been dreaming about.

   Sep 19

Another Year of Life and Death

One month ago I celebrated the birth of my nephew Camilo Leon Garcia Landau. Two weeks ago I observed the Jewish New Year. Ten days ago I witnessed my grandfather Saul Landau pass away. So much has happened so recently that it is almost impossible to distinguish my emotions from one another.

Saul led an incredible life of as an author, film maker and commentator. In his last weeks he told me to continue to fight against injustice and always strive to make the world a better place. I hope I can keep to those worlds and pass them on to future generations.

   Jul 17

Nanny Berries for Your Garden

Even after redoing our front yard I still have more nanny berries and soiled bedding than I know what to do with. Come pick up some goat and sheep droppings and soiled bedding to add to your compost pile or garden. Its good stuff free of seeds and weeds. Let me know if you’re interested in picking up some dung.

   Jun 15

Fran the Magical Goat

A few weeks ago I noticed that Fran’s utter was beginning to swell. Yesterday I put her on the milk stand and milked a pint of milk out of her. That certainly makes for a very magical goat since I did not breed her.

   Jun 03

More Interns Wanted!

I’m always looking for more help with the animals. If you are interested in learning to raise livestock in a holistic fashion send me an email. Working with animals is extremely rewarding but requires patience. I am not looking for experience working with animals as much as willingness to learn. You don’t need to know anything about goats or sheep but you have to be interested in learning about them. The ideal person is extremely reliable, loves animals and food, is able to lift 50 pounds, feel comfortable using power tools and isn’t afraid to get dirty. People with sensitivities to poison oak are not recommended.

Some of the tasks include milking, processing milk, moving electric fencing, shepherding, cleaning up nanny berries and loving up the animals.

I would love for someone to come once a week from 7am to noon and once a month in the evening. If this sounds like it might work send me an email!

   May 28

Food Policy Score Card, We’re Watching You

I stumbled across a link while doing some food policy research and am blown away by this idea. Food Policy Action has created a scorecard for state representatives around food policy to keep it safe and affordable. You can track who votes for what and read about the impacts of the policies being voted on. I think this is a great idea and would love to see it for local representatives too.

   May 23

Wool Moon 5/24 6pm

I can’t think of another way to spend my Friday evening than sitting around with friends and spinning wool. I love learning with other people and sharing the excitement of finally getting the hang of something. Thinking about where fabric comes from has really changed my relationship with clothing. Hope to see you on the wool moon!

   May 16

Sign Our Letter of Support for Wildlife Habitat in the Jean Sweeney Open Space managed by a Community Farm

The city council meeting was a success. Many of the council members were very interested in hearing more about our proposal. We are trying to collect 1000 signatures by June in support of using rotational grazing livestock to restore and manage five acres of wildlife habitat in the Jean Sweeney Open Space. Please sign here and pass along to folks who might be interested.

   May 07

Alameda City Council Meeting to Vote on Jean Sweeney Open Space Use 5/7 at 7pm

This evening is the City Council Meeting where they will decide on the conceptual use for the Jean Sweeney Open Space. We have collected over 200 signatures in just a few days of supporters for our proposal of a community farm and wildlife habitat. I hope you can make it out to the meeting on Tuesday night to tell the city council that you want to see 5 acres be dedicated to wildlife habitat that is managed by collectively owned livestock using rotational grazing.

There are similar existing organizations that lease space from the city and manage for the public like the Alameda Museum and the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter. The community farm would relieve the city of land management while creating living wage jobs and food security. The farm would be a non-profit organization that would hold a lease with the city and pay for utilities.

This would not be your typical farm. A walk through our farm would be like a hike through Yellowstone or Yosemite. We will only have a small storage shed for tools and supplies that would also serve as an interpretation center.

The National Forest Service advocates that ranchers use planned grazing techniques to restore native grasslands. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends using compost and manure to nullify toxic soil. Healthy soil is the first step in creating a healthy environment.

Lets heal ourselves and our world together by creating a Community Farm and Wildlife Habitat! Come be heard tonight at 7pm at City Hall in the Council Chambers 2263 Santa Clara Ave. Alameda.