Milk Mama Goat Farm

Alameda, CA

   Jun 03

More Interns Wanted!

I’m always looking for more help with the animals. If you are interested in learning to raise livestock in a holistic fashion send me an email. Working with animals is extremely rewarding but requires patience. I am not looking for experience working with animals as much as willingness to learn. You don’t need to know anything about goats or sheep but you have to be interested in learning about them. The ideal person is extremely reliable, loves animals and food, is able to lift 50 pounds, feel comfortable using power tools and isn’t afraid to get dirty. People with sensitivities to poison oak are not recommended.

Some of the tasks include milking, processing milk, moving electric fencing, shepherding, cleaning up nanny berries and loving up the animals.

I would love for someone to come once a week from 7am to noon and once a month in the evening. If this sounds like it might work send me an email!

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  1. Aniya Leftwich says:

    Hello Mali,

    I am interested in assisting you with the animals and would love to be considered for the intern position. I am available on the weekends and would be more than welcome to dedicate some evenings. I live in the Hayward area and have access to reliable transportation, so reliability will not be an issue. While I do not have experience with livestock, I’m ready to get dirty and assist where needed. I look forward to speaking with you about this wonderful opportunity. I can be reached at the email above.



  2. Jure Bracanovic says:

    Hello Mali
    I would love to help you and lern about your goats and sheep.My free time is Saturday’s and Sundays. Please let me know if this days will work for you.Where is location of your farm?
    Thanks Jure.

  3. Taylor says:

    Hi Mali! Looks like you have some good interest for helpers, yay! I am also interested in learning what you and the goats have to teach. I work a full-time job, so I am available weekday evenings and some weekends. I would love to come and volunteer my time to you and your farm when our schedules allow.

    Also, I nanny for a sweet and curious little boy (1 year old). We are constantly looking for stimulating activities to do during the day. I know he would be in awe over your farm. Do you allow visitors to your place? Might we be able to schedule something? We could take about me volunteering too :)

  4. Amanda Cheyenne says:

    I volunteered at a sheep’s milk farm in Watsonville a few years ago bottle feeding the new babies. And worked on a sheep farm for two weeks in Australia, but that was mostly disturbing. I want to give back to the animals by giving love and care; I want to milk goats. It’s something that’s been gathering in me for awhile, so I lookd up ‘goat farm, oakland’, and found you! You seem very loving towards your animals and I want to be a part of that joy.

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